Kiu MAINTENANCE is a comprehensive platform oriented to manage the maintenance, repair and overhaul of the aircraft of an airline, provided by our business partner Volartec through its software Alkym.

KIU system solutions and Volartec have joined in a strategic alliance that complements its solutions with aircraft maintenance systems leader. Alkym is implemented in more than 60 airlines in 30 countries.

Main features of our solution

  • Planning schedule maintenance on aircraft and engines
  • Maximize the efficiency and aircraft maintenance operations
  • Materials inventory, reception and dispatch
  • Warehouses management
  • Components tracking
  • Technical library
  • Human resources management and control
  • Sales and administration of third part services module
  • Quality assurance and reliability module


  • Manage deferred maintenance
  • Coordinate resources, both material and human
  • Maintain a convenient inventory of components in
  • Turnarounds control components
  • Monitor and manage fleet reliability; suppliers; systems/components and office
  • Effectively manage maintenance programs
  • Control the compliance of service bulletins and AD's
  • Manage orders and engineering tasks
  • Control of components
  • Provide auditing services
  • Plan and control work and special projects
  • Manage resources (infrastructure, professionals, time)
  • Properly coordinate work by aircraft
  • Develop, evaluate and monitor suppliers
  • Manage contracts and purchases orders
  • Track and claim guarantees
  • Manage the engineering for projects installation of computer systems


  • Simplify the control of the maintenance activities
  • Increase productivity through proper information management
  • Reduces and optimize inventory
  • Reduces the total cost of the life cycle of components
  • Enhances existing technological resources
  • Comply with industry regulations
  • Implement best practices
  • Increases the performance of operations
  • Reduces response times
  • Improves efficiency
  • Access to accurate information
  • Provides real-time operative reports
  • Simplify working

Solutions Suite

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