Kiu DCS is the departure control module that facilitates the entire life cycle process at the airport from the flight initiation to boarding reconciliation and even the flight closure by sending different types of messages. It´s a very user friendly tool that simplifies the entire check-in process.

Kiu DCS enables to check-in at the airline´s own flights as well as on flights where the airlines have an interline agreement. Also, Kiu DCS is certified in the CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment) of different airports worldwide.

Main features of our solution

  • Seat map administration
  • Dynamic control panel to monitor the flight status and evolution
  • Certified to be used at several airports
  • Web check-in module available for the airline
  • Different search option criteria
  • Boarding passes with barcode or QR code
  • Integration with scanners integration for passengers boarding
  • Possibility to handle upgrades or downgrades
  • Ability to check passenger and luggage to final destination, with online or interline flights IATCI (inter airline through check-in)
  • Integration and validation with DHS (TSA/BCP)
  • APIS management for different markets (advanced passenger information system)


  • Equipment configuration
  • Flight configuration and initialization
  • Go show passengers admission
  • Boarding passes and luggage tags printing
  • Automatic generation traffic manifesto
  • PNL sending and receiving capabilities
  • Flights cancel management
  • Automatic flight readjustment
  • Checked and boarded passengers control
  • Operating messages generated after flight closure (PRL, PFS, PIL, FTL, ETL)
  • Load and dispatch messages generation


  • Optimizes the check-in timing based on the flexibility and simplicity of the system
  • Efficiency flight control and conciliation of checked and boarded passengers
  • Improve revenues to avoid the check-in of passengers with excess baggage without EMD
  • Facilitates the integration with other airline systems by standard messages
  • Reduce work at the airport by allowing web check-in
  • Improve passenger satisfaction by offering check-in to final destination
  • Allows APIS for any destination
  • Fast and easy way of use

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