Through a friendly interface, the system can easily manage the operation, marketing, administration and customer service of the cargo business, for both passenger airlines and cargo companies, with domestic, regional and international operations

Main features of our solution

  • High level of parameterization
  • Real-time information
  • IATA standard in international documents issuing
  • Customized documents for domestic operation
  • AWB stock control
  • Tariffs configuration and management, public, especial and private agreements
  • E-Booking: Booking through airline’s website
  • E-Tracking – Tracking through airline’s website
  • E-mail Tracking Alerts
  • Current account management
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to implement


  • Autocomplete in AWB and manifest generation
  • Automatic application of fees and other charges in the AWB issuing
  • Printing of air waybills and labels with barcode or QR
  • Booking and allocation
  • Easy cargo manifest generation
  • Collection and refunds management
  • Easy and complete air fare and rates management
  • Rate expiration alerts communication to the commercial area
  • Easy tax and exceptions configuration
  • Automate commission, incentive and discounts application
  • Sales Settlement definition by point of sales, freight forwarders and GSA’s


  • Reduce manual activities in documents issuing
  • Accurate valuation of shipments
  • Improves and ensures the collection
  • Eliminates manual processing of accounting information
  • Improves your operation and customer service
  • Human resources and other costs reduction
  • Communications and Paper costs savings
  • No cost for servers and hosting
  • Low cost
  • Predictable and no hidden costs

Solutions Suite

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