Who we are

Kiu System Solutions is a next generation technology provider that offers an integrated Airline solutions suite since 2002. Today we are the leading next generation airline software provider in Latin America and expanding our presence globally to other international markets like USA, Europe, Africa and Middle East.

As a technology and service company we are, we seek to implement business solutions that integrate harmoniously computer systems and high-quality services that allow airlines to improve efficiency, competitiveness and profitability.

Our initial goal was to develop a reservation and distribution system that will not drown financial and economically the airlines.

The cost/benefit equation was so attractive, that our system was rapidly accepted in the market. The system matured in functionality and robustness, becoming the leading reservation system in the region.

In order to support the demand of our customers and as a way to complement our initial product portfolio, we addressed the development of new systems to be integrated with each other to provide a comprehensive set of solutions for the airline industry.

Solutions Suite

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